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Join us in our events for League of Legends and Warframe then brag to your friends when you win prizes and special roles in our Discord server!

We welcome new people & new ideas with a passion & curiosity that enables us to go even further beyond in the world of competitive gaming, graphic arts, and business!!!

Nonextphra's Channel

Content Creator


Do you need graphics? No? Then what are you doing here? If your answer was yes well then join the club! Because this is a community made by content creators and gamers for content creators and gamers.




Come join our Discord server!


Content Creator


Is there a certain game you play but don't want to play alone anymore? Well, good news buddy o' pal o' mine. We got people in the same boat as you. Now go make some friends or enemies... We don't judge.




Facebook/Salaro Design

Come join our community!

Salaro's Channel

 Save and Quit to Live Another Day 


We get it, it's a dangerous world out there and by out there we mean in your parent's basement... but hey... sign up with a C.C.G membership and stay a while... doesn't get you out of that basement but at least you can make some friends.


Attitude is Everything!!!

Our Mottos

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